Why is Team Spirit Important for Kids in Cricket?

How Can it Improve their Cricket?

"Forget team spirit, I want to bowl"

Team spirit is essential in cricket and if it is developed early enough it will help kids when Stepping Up from Junior To Senior Cricket.

What are the Benefits of Good Team Spirit?

  • Players are more likely to enjoy the game.
  • Loyalty to the club is increased.
  • Players learn from each others experience.
  • Healthy competition is introduced.
  • Everyone has a common goal – To Win!

How Can This Improve Our Cricket?

  • Strong team spirit will intimidate the opposition.
  • Batsmen will communicate well between the wickets.
  • Hence good partnerships will be built.
  • Fielders will motivate the bowler to put the batsman under pressure.
  • Communication and backing-up in the field will become natural.

Team spirit can be the difference between winning and losing!

So How Do We Develop Team Spirit in Kids?

  • Make sure every youngster is given a role in the side.
  • Provide juniors with club kit or even a cap with the club badge. They will feel they belong to a team.
  • Introduce team building activities to kids coaching sessions. But make them fun!
  • Praise the team as a whole, not individually.
  • Allow youngsters to have a winning song or dance to celebrate their achievements.

As they Progress to Senior Cricket

  • Allow talented players to train with adult sides to help them build rapport, as long as their safety is not compromised.
  • Don’t make the mistake of picking kids for fielding purposes, they will lose interest.
  • Encourage them to support other team members on the field.
  • Praise youngsters when they do something well.
  • Don’t criticise when they make mistakes,

    they are going through a learning curve.

My original article on this topic can be found on the PitchVision website by clicking here.

Image Credit: Spatial Mongrel

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